DUSA Treasurer Steps Aside for Two Weeks

By Evelyne Syombua


DUSA Treasurer, Ms. Wambui Njoroge stepped aside for two weeks after a resolution was made by the Congress on Friday 1, October in its second sitting held in Nairobi Campus. Congress appointed the Audit and Risk Committee Chairperson Mr. Wellington Mbuvi as the DUSA acting treasurer.

The Audit and Risk Committee raised concerns regarding her lack of accountability, negligence, and unavailability thus leading to the decision made by Congress.

Congress had invited her to explain her failure of not submitting the 2021-2022 budget before the deadline given by the Finance Manager and the office of the DVC Finance, Administration, and Planning, July 30, 2021. Unfortunately, she did not honor these invitations.  As it stands the budget is yet to be drafted.

The  Congress will seek clarification from the Electoral Commission of Daystar (ECD) about Ms. Wambui’s competency and qualifications to not only vie for that office but to continue as the incumbent.

During the two weeks period, she is required to present weekly reports on her services since assuming office.

As the DUSA government members continue with their time in office, it seems there is a bumpy road ahead.

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