Daystar University Launches Lacrosse Sport


By Timothy Onyango

Daystar University in conjunction with the Sports and Recreation Center launched the Lacrosse Game on Tuesday 17 October 2023.

The launch ceremony was facilitated and organized by Mr. Maurice Masiga, Chairman and head of Sports and Recreation Center at Daystar University.

Lacrosse is a traditional game played by eastern woodlands native Americans and some Plains Indian tribes in what is now the United States of America and Canada.

The game involves two teams tossing a ball into the air, and both sides rushing to catch it. Years later Lacrosse is still a popular sport played all over the world.

The founder of the game Mr. Fred Osore said the reason for the launch was to make Daystar University become home for Lacrosse in Kenya.T

Together with the Sports department, we want Daystar [University] to be considered the home for national team of the lacrosse sport.

He further said there were greater opportunities for students in the Olympics since the game was recently approved by the International Olympics Committee to take part in the Olympics.

During the event, Mr. Osore also recognized that some of players in the Kenya National Team were Daystar students. These include Mackline Osaji, a BCom Purchase and Business Logistics major, and Vincent Onyangi a first-year BSc Nursing student.





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