Council candidates decry miscommunication from ECD

By Muhanguzi Tola

From left- Presidential candidates Ian Agina and Marco Laboso

DUSA presidential candidate Ian Agina has decried the lack of communication from the Electoral Commission that left him and two other candidates stranded at the Valley Road campus.

“My Vice chairperson, Spencer Okombo, Secretary General, Desmond Mwyne and I camped in valley road campus waiting for the Debate today since morning only for there to be no debate,” reads a statement from the candidate.

The three were part of the team supposed to participate in the cancelled DUSA elections debate that had been scheduled to take place from 2PM at the campus.

The debate’s main aim was to offer a platform for the aspirants to air out their manifesto to the rest of the student body. The three, just like the rest of the candidates were “very eager to share our vision with fellow students of what leadership would look like if we are elected in a free and fair process.”

The reason behind the cancellation of the debate is yet to be officially communicated to students, except for a poster doing rounds on social media. This then raises questions over the preparedness of ECD to conduct the elections. In his statement, Ian further criticised the commission’s failure to issue specific dates for the election process.

“…Another is lack of official communication on the dates of elections leaving both students and candidates for these posts with more questions than answers.”

Involvement Newspaper understands that some officials from the current DUSA council were not pleased with the organisers’ decision not to involve them in the planning. The mentioned officials were against the panel of moderators selected to run the event. This, according to a reliable source is the main reason why the debate had to be ‘postponed’.

Involvement Newspaper has further reached out to ECD, who have yet to respond to our queries.

More to follow…

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