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Remembering the Tragedy of the Titanic: 112 Years On

By Joe Aura, 15/04/1912 , 112 years ago, one of the most infamous maritime disasters in history shook the world: the sinking of the RMS Titanic. With sombre reflection, we commemorate the lives lost and the lessons learned from this tragic event. The Titanic, a marvel of its time, was constructed at the Harland […]


Issue 252

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Nasaha za Ramadhan

Na shamim Talla Mwezi wa Ramadhani ni mwezi uliojaa juhudi na fadhila tele na nyingi ambazo lau zitatiliwa maanani, Ummah huu utanyanyuka kutoka daraja moja hadi nyengine. Huu ni mwezi wa Qur-aan, kwa kuwa iliteremshwa kwayo. Hivyo ni juu yetu kuisoma kwa kuzingatia na kufanyia kazi amri zilizotolewa ndani yake. Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala) Anasema:


Raising a Child is a Community Effort

By Dennis Mungai Gone are the days where a child would be punished by the neighbor when discovered doing something wrong. The neighbor would punish the child then go and report the matter to the child’s parent, who would then rain more punishment on the child. Statements such as mtoto analelewa na jamii would be


Controversial AI-Generated Image of Trump Sparks Debate on Truthful News

By Joe Aura, [] A striking image has surfaced, capturing former President Donald Trump in an unexpected embrace with people of color. The photograph, generated by advanced artificial intelligence (AI), has ignited heated discussions among tech enthusiasts, political analysts, and the public at large. The image, depicting former President Donald Trump surrounded by a diverse

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