By Stephanie Kampire

Fenty Beauty was launched in Kenya on Thursday 26th May 2022 at the Social House Lavington, Nairobi.

This famous brand is partly owned by a renowned musician, Rihanna Robyn. She has focused on a range of traditionally hard to match skin tones, developing formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades. Her aim, above all, is to inspire: “Makeup is there for you to have fun with. It should never feel like pressure. It should never feel like a uniform. Feel free to take chances, and take risks, and dare to do something new or different.”

This dazzling and beautiful launch was graced with appearances from Kenya’s creative industry, which generated quite a buzz on social media as fellow Kenyans talked about how they were dressed.

Today, Fenty Beauty is one of the most popular and successful brands in the world. Forbes has estimated that the bulk of the musician’s fortune which is around $1.4 billion, specifically comes from the value of Fenty Beauty which she has 50% ownership of. The company itself is worth $2.8 billion making her the wealthiest female musician in the world.

Rihanna has clearly shown the world that limitations to the music industry are present and that it is possible to make money through makeup. She has become a vivid inspiration to upcoming brands in the world and especially here in Africa. It is safe to say that many makeup brands have come up and have made as much money as Fenty Beauty, but in my opinion, none of them have addressed a need such as this; having traditional makeup for hard to match skin tones. This make up line has made its consumers feel bold and beautiful regardless of the imperfections on their skin.

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics valued these products at Ksh. 100 Billion. I also acknowledge the growth of the industry in the current local market of Kenya. We have our very own Suzie Beauty, Joanna K cosmetics, and also Huddah Cosmetics. What is evident in all these brands is that the influence they have on the public as youtubers and content creators has helped them establish businesses that are clearly generating quite an amount of profit. This is the same for the Chief Executive Officer of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna. She has used her musical career and her effect on people to establish a business that has put her on the map as one of among the wealthiest artists in the world.

Opportunities to make money are found in the influence that we have on the people in our spheres. The Bible says that your gift will make room for you, I beg to add that your influence executed in a wise way can create wealth for you and opportunities for the unemployed.

In whatever field we may find ourselves in, think about how to make money from it other than wallowing in the sense that we are living in a poor economy that has absolutely no way to be successful.

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