By Nyokabi Ng’ang’a


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Lord, I pray for a strong back not a light load,

But in this prayer lies the fears of this heart!


Lord, I pray for a good life,

But in this life of good,

Marriage lacks!


Lord, if it’s not a good and honest man,

Give me strength for celibacy.

If it’s not a man of my expectations,

Give me grace for celibacy.


If it’s not a man worth my salt and coat,

Lord, give me strength for celibacy.

If it’s not a man of stature, reasoning and understanding,

Lord guide me through celibacy.


Lord! If his heart speaks of dirt and mouth of romance,

Strengthen me for celibacy.

If he is of no full awareness of your existence,

Lord make me celibate.


If he speaks of love,

And acts out of wrath,

Lord prepare me for celibacy.


If he is ashamed of my weakness

And emasculated by my strengths,

Lord speak me into celibacy.


Lord, if he sees not me for me,

But me for him,

Lord! Drive me into celibacy.


Lord, I have searched and found that all have fallen short,

That’s why I crave for celibacy.


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  1. skashosi says:

    Wow. I vie for celibacy
    Njokabi this is a great piece. I feel you girl

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    Have a very good day, everyone!

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