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By Caren Chelangat

Tiktok was launched in 2016 by a company named Bytedance, TikTok is an all-in-one platform where you will find videos related to anything and everything. The app provides you with many ideas to get your creative juices flowing. If you are a fan of dance, you will find a vast collection of dance videos on the platform. If you are an art or nature lover, you’ll find the most aesthetic videos on this video-sharing network.
Whether you are a pet lover or someone who enjoys listening to cover songs, you will find tons of content related to your interest on TikTok. The videos demonstrating life hacks are also gaining much popularity on the platform and many of these hacks work making them useful to the audience. Everybody loves good humor and some comedy every once in a while. And that’s a specialty of TikTok as it has some of the best funny videos and memes.

People with creative minds create unique content on TikTok that is sure to make you laugh. Many people tend to use TikTok after a long, tiring, and busy day to rejuvenate and refresh their minds and to get their daily dose of humour. The interface used by the app is exceptionally effortless to use. It has an eye-catching theme, but at the same time, it also features some easy-to-use components like home, feed, search, inbox, and personal profile. doesn’t contain too many features or components that might not be required or make the app challenging to use. It keeps things simple so that even a kid can navigate through the app.
TikTok has tons of content to learn about new places cultures. This is because people from all over the world have joined TikTok, and you can get to know them and their culture, including their language, lifestyle, food, and more. You can also discover new places as nature lovers and vloggers post videos taking you to different spots around the globe. You can enjoy learning about those places and even plan a visit.

TikTok offers opportunities for increased brand awareness. A key method for growing brand awareness on the platform is the use of hashtags, which allows content creators to jump on popular trends and gain significant traction from their posts. Similarly to Twitter and other social media platforms, TikTok allows users to browse videos according to trending topics and hashtags. This means that by tailoring your content to a popular trend, you can greatly enhance the number of views your videos receive which makes it among the top popular app to consider it education or businesswise , whatever you require to your liking. Life got you down? Try scrolling through tiktok , which is a great distraction since you can even type funny videos and you will be entertained within no time.
Although there are both advantages and disadvantages of TikTok for students, TikTok definitely has an educational benefit. Science teachers, for instance, are using TikTok video to demonstrate science experiments. In this way, they educate their students and share best practices with other teachers.

TikTok is a huge time waster. People spend hours scrolling and can’t figure out where the time went.  using TikTok to pass the time is an advantage of TikTok. However, if you are using scrolling through TikTok to procrastinate, then spending time on TikTok becomes wasting time on TikTok which is a disadvantage of using TikTok.
Since the app boasts an “endless stream” of material, students are likely to spend a long time in the app and might even become addicted to watching the videos for hours at a time, which creates addiction and as we all know too much of something is venom. Tiktok is a fun and creative outlet for users to post dance compilations, tell funny jokes, and show off their talents. But some of the content users post can contain explicit language, suggestive themes, and lewd gestures which are not suitable for kids.

Not all content on TikTok is as good as the creator will want you to think. Many users use clickbait tactics to trick you into engaging with their videos, only to discover the title does not live up to your expectation for them to gain followers. Although TikTok is an excellent source of entertainment, many users use it to create and propagate hate speech. Some accounts are created to demonize a particular group of people. On the other hand, other accounts may create and upload offensive comment. In either case, accessing any of this content can negatively affect you.
Tiktok is one of the most popular social media application nowadays. Like most apps, it has its advantages and disadvantages that every user must know before starting to use this app. Therefore, how you use this platform determines what you get from it.

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