Zone 2 FC Win the inaugural Daystar City Tournament

The poster for the Inaugural Daystar City Tournament.
photo courtesy : @daystarcitycf on Instagram

The Inaugural Daystar City tournament was successfully staged at Public Service Club on Saturday 9th of April through the office of outgoing Campus Secretary Nairobi, Brian Achoka. The tournament, which aims to create funds to support players through their studies in Daystar saw twenty teams register to play.

The teams were pooled into two groups, A and B, with each team playing four matches. The opening match of the tournament was an exciting one as Kifo Cha Mende FC took on Makwapa Machafu FC. It set the tone for the rest of the day as the level of intensity of the match was very high even though it ended in a draw.

The tournament had a couple of teams from both Daystar City and Daystar Falcons namely Pioneer, Corinthians, Kifo Cha Mende, Makwapa Machafu, Game of Stones and City Legends. Only Makwapa Machafu advanced to the quarterfinals from the six teams, just showing how tough the registered teams were.

In the quarters, favourites Interdjinamory cruised past Medellin as Zone 2 managed to edge Foreign 9 on penalties. CPF managed to get past Badboys FC while Makwapa Machafu also edged Outlook FC on penalties setting up a semi final tie against Zone 2. The other semi final saw CPF meet Interdjinamory where the latter managed to ease past the former with two goals in regular time. Zone 2 beat Makwapa Machafu on penalties with Daystar student Marvin Kowero getting the winning penalty. Makwapa Machafu lost out 2-0 in the third place play-off to CPF meaning they finished fourth.

The final saw Zone 2 defeat Interdjinamory 1- 0 to see them crowned the first ever winners of the Daystar City tournament. They took home fifteen thousand Kenyan Shillings and a trophy from the tournament sponsors AA.

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