Wear it with pride

By Dephine Mutinda

The 45th graduation ceremony which took place on the 18th of November 24, 2022 right here at the main campus Bethel grounds was like no other.  It was the first ever held graduation for the school of law and it goes without saying that “standards have been set high.”

This is the case because the school produced two of the best graduants of the season. I had the opportunity to interact with Madam Ruth Wairimu Muhoro and Mr. Royal Kalume Sila who earned themselves a first class honors degree in law and the Vice Chancellor (Dr. Laban Ayiro) could not be any less proud of them.

Mr. Royal Kalume Sila and Madam Ruth Wairimu Muhoro

With the theme of the graduation being “beyond a world of endless possibilities,” Ruth and Royal have proven that a first class is not beyond the realms of possibilities. On a one on one session with the two, this is what they had to say in regards to their achievement;

Qn: What did it take for you to graduate with first class honors?

Mr. Royal Sila: Hard work, constant turning up in class, long hours in the library, a lot of interaction with colleagues, endless support from lecturers (the Pioneering Dean Mr. Wekesa, Madam Asha and the rest of the faculty in the school of law.

Madam Ruth: First of all, decide what you want, if you want to pass, what levels you want to pass with and work towards that. Do your best, understand how your brain works, know your study pattern and be committed to it, be friendly to people and learn from them.

Qn: What was the hardest part of this journey for you?

Madam Ruth: Accounting was challenging for me, but with the help of Royal, I got to understand it, and get past it.

Mr. Royal: Personally, I did not have any challenge with the courses, but my most challenging period was the Covid period when we had online classes and not being an online favorite, I had challenges reading law in PDF because I am the type that wants to flip pages, write my own notes and just experience the whole class experience.

Qn: Do you feel that being the first graduating law class that you have set a good standard or pace for all other law students?

Madam Ruth: I think we have provided a good modern; we did the best that we could.

Mr. Royal: We have done our best and helped where we can.

Qn: What advice would you give?

Madam Ruth: Put the work and get the grades, listen to lecturers and practice team work.

Mr. Royal: Listen to the people before and reach out. Don’t forget team work and dedication.

Qn: Who are the most outstanding faculty members/ support systems that you would like to appreciate for helping you get to where you are right now.

Mr. Royal: Professor Moni Wekesa, Madam Asha Mikinyago, Madam Cathy Kilonzo (for believing in me).

Madam Ruth: I would like to thank the librarians and all lecturers for all the help.

Qn: Parting shot?

Madam Ruth: Do you, do your best and understand you.

Mr. Royal: Believe in yourself; believe that you are good and capable.

Those have been the giants of this years’ graduation with some piece of advice to all of us who are still on this journey. This should be a wakeup call to each and every one who has lost hope in ever graduating with honors. It is possible, beyond a world of endless possibilities. Question is, how do you want to wear it?

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