Uriithi: A Play about Inheritance, Career, Integrity and Patience

By Joe Aura,

Do you love drama, suspense, romance and comedy? Do you want to watch a play that will make
you laugh, cry, think and learn? If yes, then you don’t want to miss Uriithi, a play that talks
about inheritance, career, integrity issues and the virtue of patience.

Uriithi is a Swahili word that means inheritance. The play tells the story of Gerald, a young
corporate manager who inherits his father’s political ambitions after he is assassinated. However,
Gerald’s father was a governor who had many enemies and secrets.

Gerald decides to quit his job and run for office, hoping to fulfill his father’s legacy. However,
he soon realizes that politics is not as easy as it seems. He faces corruption, betrayal, violence
and manipulation when he meets a mysterious woman who claims to be his supporter, but who
has a hidden agenda of her own. ‘Mambo yamechemka!’ Gerald’s life and reputation is set to be

Will Gerald fight to succeed in his political career? Will he discover the truth about his father
and the enemies who are now his? Will he find true love ill he fall for the woman’s trap? What
will he learn from his experience? Find out the answers to these questions and more in Uriithi, a
play that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Uriithi is a play that will make you think about your own life and choices. It will challenge you
to reflect on your own inheritance, career, integrity and patience. It will inspire you to follow
your own path and pursue your own dreams.

The play will be staged at Daystar University Auditorium on 4th of November 2023. The first
show will start at 3:00 pm and end at 4:30 pm; the second show will start at 5:20 pm and end at
7:00 pm. Tickets range from Ksh 400 – 1000 for students, regular and VIP. Come one and all to
watch this amazing play and learn from it.

  • Uriithi: A Play You Don’t Want To Miss!
    Lead producers’ remarks
    Gordon Oduour – Sema Nami Productions
    Uriithi is not only an entertaining play, but also an educational one. It teaches us important
    lessons about life, such as:
  • • Patience: Gerald wanted to climb up the political ladder fast, but he came down faster
    than he went up. He did not have the patience to learn the ropes and build trust with the
    people. He also did not have the patience to wait for the right time and opportunity. He
    rushed into things without thinking of the consequences. The play shows us that patience
    is a virtue that can help us achieve our goals and avoid mistake
  • • Career: Gerald had a successful career as a corporate manager, but he gave it up for
    politics. He did not follow his passion or talent, but rather his father’s footsteps. He did
    not consider his own strengths and weaknesses, or his own interests and values. He did
    not consult with his family or friends before making such a big decision. The play shows
    us that career choices are important and should be made carefully and wisely.
  • • Integrity: Gerald faced many ethical dilemmas in politics. He had to choose between
    doing what is right or what is easy; between serving the people and serving himself;
    between being honest and being deceitful. He also had to deal with the consequences of
    his actions and choices. The play shows us that integrity is a quality that can earn us
    respect and trust, or lose them.
  • • Inheritance: Gerald inherited his father’s political ambitions, but he also inherited his
    father’s enemies and secrets. He had to deal with the legacy of his father, both good and
    bad. He had to face the past and the present, and decide what kind of future he wants to
    create. The play shows us that inheritance is not only about material things, but also
    about moral values and social responsibilities.

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