Time to sober up and get it right- Nalwa

By Muhanguzi Tola

Campus Governor aspirants. From Left- Michael Odula and Walter Nalwa.

DUSA council aspirant Walter Nalwa has advised congress members and students to remain woke and vote in leaders who not only listen to them, but also understand their grievances.

The campus secretary (Governor) candidate urged congress aspirants and other students to consider who they put in power, during a meeting between members from his camp and the students today at the Athi River campus.   

“We need to think whether we need services or we need someone who doesn’t understand our problems,” said Walter, stating that some positions such as Secretary General are key and require a leader from the main campus.

The candidate further stated that actualization of requests by leaders based in the main campus happens promptly.

His remarks were echoed by council vice chair candidate Monicah Gitau, who advised the students to choose leaders they can relate with.

“We need people who value you students…There are some people who are only waiting to convince you through a meeting or a debate,” said Monica, taking a dig at candidates who have never been to the campus for campaigns.

Presidential candidate Ian Agina however believes that intellect is key in choosing leaders, but shares Walter’s sentiments that indeed the Sec Gen office requires operation from Athi.

“…Sec general is an important position that not only requires its headquarters in Athi but a very intellectual mind,” said Ian.

Interim sports secretary Barrack Khaseke was also present during Walter’s address, and has insisted that congress aspirants need to be very independent. He further stated that it’s not about power, but provision of resources to students, hence the importance of giving the congress a chance to make their own decision.

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