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By Janet Wambua.


In shadows deep where sorrows dwell,

A tale of pain, I now shall tell,

For in the hearts of teens it lies,

A whispered truth, that pain defies.


Within these walls of youthful hearts,

Where dreams are forged and torn apart,

The ache of growing, changing tide,

Echoes through the soul, deep inside.


Beneath the weight of heavy sighs,

Unseen battles in tearful eyes,

A constant struggle, fierce and real,

In this journey to find what’s ideal.


The sting of rejection, oh, how it burns,

A lesson learned as trust discerns,

But in the depths of this bitter strife,

Resilience grows, shaping a stronger life.


The ache of heartbreak, piercing and raw,

A love once cherished, now in withdrawal,

But from the fragments, strength will arise,

For love’s rebirth in wiser guise.


Amidst the chaos and inner war,

Teen souls seek solace, longing for more,

Yet through the anguish, light will shine,

Guiding them toward a hope divine.


So let this pain be not in vain,

For every scar, a tale to gain,

In shared experience, they’ll find release,

Connecting hearts, offering peace.


For pain unites us, young and old,

A testament to the stories untold,

Let empathy embrace the teen’s distress,

And guide them towards healing, no less.


So when you feel pain’s relentless sting,

Remember, dear teen, you’re not alone in this thing,

Embrace your battles, let resilience be,

The key to unlock a future pain-free.

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