A brutal knockout blow is finding its path to the faces of unwitting students within the institution through a possible increase in bus fares on school buses. With pace, the vicissitude is increasingly rearing its head into the school and making itself comfortable at the painful cost of the students. However, it can be argued from different angles what really might be the thought behind such a grisly conclusion.

At the national level, the hungry and unforgiving covid monster has left no one free from its vicious teeth. The monster has increasingly caused more harm than good in the nation -perhaps the unaffected, but in a very “unique” way could be those who were found guilty in the embezzlement of the covid-19 donated funds, danced their way to the banks with briefcases suffocated with unclean cash, amid a vulnerable nation where darkness was the candle. The pandemic has left many jobless across the country and others having their salaries slashed by more than half!

Daystar University Bus at the Athi River campus gate

President Uhuru Kenyatta in his speech during Labor Day celebrations this year acknowledged that more than half a million Kenyans would lose their jobs during these dark times due to the pandemic invasion in the country. He stated the measures that his government and the public servants across the three branches of government have taken in trying to neutralize the situation by taking a salary pay cut. Sentiments that have remained to be utter dark speak, same archaic narratives, that have been narrated for years; that have now made the hapless youth take a temporary step back in engaging in this upcoming election.

The cost of living has rapidly and incessantly been going up daily as if it is being worked on resolutely to continue blowing up, from the cost of fuel which propels a bizarre conversation to the cost of food, surprisingly sh10 is slowly building on the route of losing value -sh5 is dead and buried! In a successive random conversation with one of the daystar bus drivers, driver Mulwa reiterated that the cost of living has challenged the normal operations in the transport industry. He recalled numerous incidents he had to refuel while on a journey he anticipated was going to be a success without a revisit to the gas station. The distance covered by the bus is gradually moving out from the bounds of an Sh150 sphere. Which assures all consumers of the service that the sad reality may soon be effective.

Currently, the school bus fare is at a sad sh150 and the consumer is struggling to locate space to breathe, upon the addition of a cent on the current sh150, it could be the last breath. An utter assassination of the ordinary folk. In a random census I conducted among students from the Main Campus who were taking their errands from the Nairobi campus, out of every 10 students, 7 relayed their disappointments and threw the kitchen sink to the DUSA government, the transport sector, and those in the upper echelon of not being considered when drafting policies, citing that the current sh150 is a burden preceded with hurled unprintable

The transport department may swiftly and hurriedly run away from the ruthless reaction upon the implementation of the idea from the students, and turn it to the general increased cost of living. In full realization, it is quite unthinkable to tighten up the nuts without a clear account of the reasons, and even with reasons, it can still be senseless to add fuel to the current fire, it makes one begin even doubting whether the interests of folks do ever cross their minds at any given time. Unlike the proverbial ostrich that burry its head into the ground, the school’s upper echelon and notable respective are regarded with dignity and of sound mind to jet in and salvage many from such a scenario -an increase of fare.

The Art of Seduction.

Lastly, as part and parcel of the distinguished liberal arts institution, which I veritably take pride to be a member, sometimes the struggle to understand the coordination and running of usual activities in school, continues to fatten my mind. Vehemently, I pose to disagree with any sort of increment on the school’s bus cost, the bus is getting heavier daily. The art of seduction, a book by Robert Greene perhaps in the most minimal chance could be the only way of a positive response to the idea by echelons. Robert talks about the art of patience in the quest for change, in this case. Anti-seducers are described as brutes. No patience whatsoever, but jump the seduction and offend with egotism.


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