By Daniel Nyaga


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There she stood…

Short midnight-black hair, sassy but a beautiful smile.

 She had saccharine sweet lips which were lilac soft.

 Her skin shined like a thousand splendid suns.

 I admired in silent admiration afraid to utter a word…

I finally gathered the courage to speak but to my dismay,

She was brutal with her words. Completely unreceptive and unwelcoming to strangers.

She was quite feisty If I may say… Though there was just something about her that fascinated me…

Was it the puzzle of figuring her out?

 Or was I just another one of her victims?

Our conversations were like an old, spiteful, English couple who would banter all day…

Constantly trying to figure her out. Toiling each day to understand what goes on in her mind.

She had built up walls that were hard to scale.

 Each time I would be close to reaching the top, she would increase the feet and I would be left with the insurmountable task of getting to the other side.

Was she worth it? Why did she have some unexplainable power over me?

Was my brain disconnected from my body and my heart the base of all logic?

Days went by and our conversations became less awkward.

I would spend hours in her presence without saying a word, though it would bring happiness that couldn’t be explained.

 She made me happy by just being there… We didn’t have to open our mouths, the silence often spoke more than enough…. It was beautiful!!

Time went by and all I could do was sit here waiting…

Waiting for you to notice that time is running out…

Depending on how you’d wake up or what you’d be feeling.

Each impulsive decision you made would constantly subject my heart to the constant throe of remorse…

I never stood a chance!! Unable to figure you out and understand you…

You would always change the lock to the door…

 I wish you didn’t have to leave but the date is set.

 Leaving me with a smile that struggles to be more than a grin.

I’ve lost a piece and it’s impossible to bring it back.

 Inside I weep to conceal my pain…

 For how long? I don’t know…

But In sadness I know that you will always be a close stranger!!!

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