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By Sophie K. Murithi

The 2022 Presidential debate was held on 26th July, 2022 at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa auditorium as from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. It was organized through a joint Media Initiative which brought together the entire Kenyan media fraternity.

The first segment began with David Mwaure of Agano Party showing up at the podium alone. It was alleged that Mr. George Wajackoyah arrived at the scene but decided not to participate in the debate. Roots party spokesman Mr. Wilson Muirani alias Jaymo ule msee stated that the Roots party presidential candidates would not be subjected to the joke of an incoming president since the media had already predetermined a president and placed Mr. Wajackoyah in the category of ‘others’.

The debate began with Mr. David Mwaure defending himself on why he should be elected president where he said that in spite of him being a man of the cloth, he is a lawyer by profession and a senior counsel by virtue of 39 years. He added that he is qualified to run for presidency as he is a Kenyan citizen and the constitution allows him to do so. In addition to that, he said that he was a new person and he believed that for this nation to change, it has to be led by a new and clean person with no corruption cases.

Issues discussed during the interview included national economy, integrity, education, food, security, climate change and matters employment. The Agano party leader ensured Kenyans that his government would endeavor to create employment at all levels. He added and said he would introduce free education up to university level. “Every Kenyan must go to school. There will be money in my government, “he said. He as well urged Kenyans to elect him as he believed he was the only president who had not been in power before and believed that if was to be elected, he would lower the high cost of food prices and deal with unemployment.

The second segment happened with Hon. Dr. William Ruto alone since his opponent Hon. Raila Odinga sent in his apologies earlier in the week that he would not be there. During the 90-minute interview, Dr. Ruto talked about the cost of living, cost of fuel, where he would lower some of the taxes imposed on fuel, the national debt, national security, governance, independence of the judiciary and integrity.

On matters national debt, he said he believed Kenya as a nation had what it takes to pay its debts. “This will be done by putting brakes on borrowing and raising our revenue,” he said. He as well added and said his government would put brakes on unbudgeted projects as that is the biggest source of financial problems in Kenya.

When questioned about his integrity and the reason that his opponent refused to attend the debate, the deputy president turned it around and said his opponent did not show up because he did not have a plan or an agenda for the country and could not articulate anything and did not want to answer difficult questions since he was just a mere project.

As he concluded his interview, Hon. William Ruto expressed he would accept the outcome of the election and if any issue were to arise, he would go to court just as the constitution states. He also encouraged voters to come out and vote on August 9, 2022 as they are the ones who will make the government.

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