Senate Summons Gov. Nyong’o over Covid-19 spending

by Fatiha Shabir


Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o. Photo – Faith Matete (STAR)

Kisumu Governor, Peter Anyang’  Nyong’o, has been summoned to appear before the Senate Health Committee, on April 30th via Zoom, on claims of misappropriation of Covid-19 funds.  

He was summoned to respond to queries on the utilisation of funds by his county administration in a special audit report. His administration is accused of misusing 209M out of the 238M that was given to his county to aid in the fight against the effects the pandemic had on the county’s economy.

His administration was also accused of failing to utilise funds on frontline health workers and health facilities in the county as well as spending the money without approved Covid-19 training plans.

The Senate committee has warned that failure to appear for the summons will incur a Ksh.500, 000 fine or a warrant of arrest. The governor had previously been summoned by the committee on Tuesday April 20, but he did not show up, despite it being advertised in the Standard and Daily Nation. According to the committee his behaviour was considered an offence according to the law.

“The governor has taken this committee very casually. What we are dealing with is a pandemic, a serious pandemic. We invited him so that we can put our heads together and also know how the money we are sending to counties is being spent,” said Chairman Michael Mbito.

The committee has lined up a series of meetings with all the 47 governors as they investigate how the counties spent the Covid-19 cash. This follows an explosive audit report that exposed massive irregularities in the use of the funds.



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