Russell Takes Advantage to Win Austrian Grand Prix

by Ben Ayuko

{image by BBC}

There was drama on the track at the Austrian Grand Prix on the 30th of June 2024 as the fight for the race win resulted in both drivers losing out.

For about 50 to 55 laps of the Austrian Grand Prix, it was relatively business as usual. Max Verstappen had opened up a lead in his Red Bull, Lando Norris was trying to keep up with him in his Mclaren and George Russell was sneakily going about his business in the last podium position in his Mercedes. Apart from some fireworks between teammates Sebastian Ocon and Pierre Gasly of Alpine as they engaged in their usual wheel to wheel duel, there was little else to write that is. That is until the teams made their second pit stop of the day.

After complaining about tyre performance, Max Verstappen made a pit stop to swap out his hard tyres for the mediums. Lando Norris had the same idea. Norris’ pit stop went smoothly. Verstappen’s did not. Some extra time taken to fit the left rear tyre meant that by the time they got out of the pit lane, Verstappen’s 7sec lead had been cut down to just 2.5sec.

Norris then began applying the pressure. Lap after lap, constantly hounding Verstappen, looking for a way past him. More than once, he attempted a brave dive bomb into the corner, but Verstappen’s cheeky antics made it impossible for Norris to position his car for a proper overtake. The tension was building with every passing lap, until finally…they made contact. Norris attempted an overtake around the outside on a hairpin corner and because Verstappen edged slightly to his left to try and put him off, they came together in the most dramatic fashion. Both cars suffered a puncture and had to limp back to the pit lane, with Norris suffering front wing damage as well, resulting in him retiring the car.

George Russell, who was quietly going about his business in 3rd, suddenly took the lead of the race with about 5 5 laps to go. He couldn’t believe his luck as he took the chequered flag to claim his 2nd ever Grand Prix win.

Norris’ teammate, Oscar Piastri pipped Carlos Sainz for 2nd as the latter rounded up the podium positions.

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