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By Beverly Mautiah



Daystar University has expanded it’s ¬†transportation services by acquiring a brand new bus.

This new addition to the University’s fleet will serve the Daystar Falcons sports teams.

The bus comes as a service to the large and vibrant campus community.

Equipped with a range of amenities, the newest sixty two seater bus is designed to provide a pleasant and an enjoyable experience.

With its spacious seating capacity, the seats will provide a more comfortable and a smooth journey to both students, faculty and staff.

A section of the Daystar students have affirmed the act and admitted they are ready for the new ride.

The introduction of the new bus is a testament to Daystar’s commitment to providing a top-notch facilities and services to its community.

The new bus will operate on a regular schedule , providing convenient transportation options for students, faculty and staff for sports activities. As Daystar continues to invest in infrastructure and services, it solidifies Its position as a leading institution that prioritizes the needs and welfare of its students and staff.

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