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I open the front door of my mind to you,
Wanting to explain why I cannot do the things you want me to.
You tell me that there is a Creator who loves me,
Who wants me to follow Him, to be free.

But I ask you to stick around and understand,
To stay and explore this sad, dry land.
I have welcomed Depression into the living room,
Anxiety and Fear with all their gloom.
Insecurity has overstayed its welcome;
Pride somehow snuck by the security alarm.

Friend, look at all these guests!
Would your God want such a mess?
What’s that you say, yes He would?
Oh, maybe I misunderstood.

You say there is redemption through His grace?
Again, you say that I was bought with a price?
Could it be that I’ve been blinded by a haze?
Maybe it’s time I turn on the lights.

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