Quality in the Restaurant Business.


By Hilda Kavai


There has been a noticeable change in recent months in where students on the valley road campus purchase their snacks and meals. Students now prefer Kenzip over the once-popular Sironi restaurant, which is a shell of what it once was.

Some of the reasons are that Kenzip has some unusual additions such as chicken wrappers, chicken pieces, and fresh juices. Its location is ideal for students because it is close to the freedom corner which has a good sitting area.

In the restaurant business, happy customers return and provide word of mouth to their friends. According to studies, restaurants that attract repeat business share six key characteristics; good food and service, consistency in both , diverse menu , a good price to value ratio, a pleasant ambience and cleanliness.

Food quality is also important from a business aspect. The standard of service you provide will shape your restaurant’s reputation and image in the community. Improving your menu can breathe new life into your business and bring in new, loyal consumers.

“A good cook understands your customers’ needs and works closely with the kitchen staff to guarantee that their dish is prepared just how they requested. Also the staff that engage with your customers should be courteous and have a positive attitude. The owner efficiently controls the business, increasing the likelihood that it can provide great food and service without interruption. We must manage our restaurant’s finances, keep accurate records, and stay up to date on legal requirements such as taxes and health inspections.”

When it comes to eateries, price is important. When choosing a place to have a meal, opt for one that offers good value for money. This option does not imply being cheap, but rather getting the best value for your money. You are satisfied with the results.

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