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By Caren Chelangat

Our world is changing through technology and the years to come ,like the new advancement that has come up in our generation, it is okay to say that our children will do jobs that do not exist yet .And for those who are already employed ; many will evolve, many will be obsolete and new jobs will emerge .So when we think about essential skills required for workplaces we are also to look at the job that are yet to come as well.

We all need to be comfortable with working with digital tools since in this brave new digital world, essential skills are important as well as the soft skills  , which are things that machines can’t do generally.
Digital literacy are the digital skills that are required to learn , work and navigate everyday life in our digital world .This involves using devices,  applications, collaborating via digital tools and handling data in an appropriate way , in today’s world those skills are required to be employed at any given organization.

Organizations of all kinds will want to employ data- literate individuals.  Business wise, data literacy means being able to access appropriate data, work with data confidently and keeping it up to date .For one to be able to work , one should be able to handle data in the modern way .

In this era of fake news , social media bubbles out information .One of the most vital soft skill required in our today is critical thinking which is the ability to think objectively through analysing issues and situations based on facts rather than personal opinion. To succeed here , one should work with facts to learn the correct and required information needed.

Not forgetting the technical skills which are the hard skills .An example is accounting, an accountant requires accountancy skills , teachers , nurses , plumber , software developers  are other examples of occupations that require technical skills. Whatever the technical skills required in your field , invest in keeping those skills to date.

The world of today requires us to think and act faster than never . It is so fast-paced now and we have much more information than ever before making us prone to information overload which complicates our ability to make good decisions. That is why it is important to invest in our decision making skills. To make it in this planet all the are some of the few essential skills we require and many more that exist . We should ensure we have most of all these skills if not all of them.

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