Mwai Kibaki’s Son Unfairly Targeted

{Photo courtesy of Sean Andrew – Twitter}


By Janet Wambua


Mwai Kibaki’s grandson, Sean Andrew, defends Jomo Kenyatta amid unlicensed firearms allegations

Sean Andrew, the grandson of former President Mwai Kibaki, has come forward to defend John Jomo Kenyatta, the son of former head of state Uhuru Kenyatta. Sean asserted that he was unjustly singled out in relation to allegations surrounding the possession of unlicensed firearms.

“Jomo is someone i know personally and i think he was unfairly targeted. I’m not going to pick sides politically or anything but i think Jomo is innocent and so is Mama Ngina,” he stated.

During an interview, Sean Andrew emphasized that the focus should not have been on targeting Jomo, irrespective of any disagreements they may have had. He expressed that it would have been more appropriate to engage in a dialogue and refrain from involving him in the matters of the protest or any related issues.

“They should not have targeted anyone unrelated to what their disagreements are. I think these are grown men and they should talk it out. they should not involve us in protests or anything. We have real issues as human beings as people of Kenya we have real issues. I think it’s quite unfair that they’ve gathered young people to gang up and die and protest and fight the police and fight the power whatever.”

The well known personality further remarked that, being grown men, their responsibility was to engage in open discussions to address their political differences. He expressed his view that it was unjust to neglect the purpose of electing leaders, which is to serve the people. However, he made it clear that he personally did not identify as a politician and had no desire to entangle himself in such matters.

“I think it’s quite unfair because they’re grown men, they can discuss these issues. Why did we elect them? We elected them to serve us. That’s what Kenyan people have forgotten. But anyway i’m not a politician and i don’t want to get in that mess.” he stated.

When probed about his potential political aspirations, he firmly asserted that he would never entertain the idea of entering politics. He underscored the belief that political involvement was not a prerequisite for serving the public effectively. According to him, it was entirely possible to make a positive difference in people’s lives without engaging in politics. Thus, he stated that he could continue to contribute to society privately as an ordinary citizen.

“Never, never. I don’t think in Kenya you need to be a politician to serve people publicly. I think you can help a great number of people without being a politician, and that’s the way it should be. Politics is an ugly business and i’m not interested in that. I can serve people in my only way privately as a private citizen.” he said

On Friday, 21st July, a police raid was conducted at Jomo’s residence in Karen, Nairobi, in search of firearms. According to the former head of State, the officers involved in the operation utilized vehicles bearing Sudanese number plates and appeared to be intent on thoroughly searching the premises.


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