Mandonga ‘Mtu Kazi’ lives up to his words

Karim ‘Mtu Kazi’ Mandonga put up a performance of the night showing against Kenyan Daniel Wanyonyi at the Pocket Rocket fight night at KICC. The fight was highly anticipated by the fans due to Mandonga’s smack talk. His talking attracted thousands of fans to witness the main event match up.

The crowd and set up at the KICC

The KICC Tsavo ballroom was packed to the rafters. Politicians, dignitaries and celebrities all came to witness Mandonga’s punch, ‘Sugunyo’. The Tanzanian praised ‘Sugunyo’, saying it was from Ukraine and had one shot knockout power.

The first round was the only round that could have had close scoring as both boxers had good moments. From the second to the sixth, Mandonga showed his quality against a seasoned Wanyonyi. He landed more punches and showed great evasive skills. Mtu Kazi put up a clinic in the 4th, 5th and 6th rounds where almost everything he threw landed and even when Wanyonyi threw, the punches did not have enough to take out or wobble the Tanzanian.

At the end of the sixth round, Wanyonyi was unable to return from his corner, handing Mandonga a TKO victory. For greater parts of the bout , it was one sided and even if it had gone to the judges, Mandonga should have comfortably secured the win.

Mandonga did not disappoint

Following the fight, the Tanzanian said he would return to Kenya in April for another fight. Fans will be awaiting his next visit as his unique character is something Kenyan boxing has lacked for a while.

Smack talking and playing characters is something crucial in the promoting of boxing as it adds more to the fight. Following the success of this event press conferences and weigh ins should be televised in the build up to the matches.

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