Kapedo’s Never Ending War

By: Winfred Wacera Kamau (

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Insecurity in Kapedo has once again become a subject of national security. The recent killings of General Service Unit Operation commander Emadau Tebakol and that of Chief Inspector of police in charge of Rapid Redeployment Unit (RDU) has led the government to deploy security personnel in the region to flush out armed bandit in the border area of Baringo and Turkana counties.

More than 10 people have died in one week including police officers. These counterattacks have sparked tension among residents as hundreds of families have been forced to flee their homes fearing for their lives. The displaced families have been begging for humanitarian assistance from the government and well-wishers.

 Following the recent bandit war in Kapedo, four schools have closed, businesses have been shut down, residents are running out of food and essentials like medicine due to restrictions which have been imposed to affect the security operations in the area and the road to Marigat through Ameyan is inaccessible.

Teachers Union have issued an ultimatum to the government to restore normalcy in the area within seven days or else they will withdraw their teachers from Kapedo

Cabinet Secretary for interior security, Dr Fred Matiang’i, blamed leaders for funding the bandits. “We are in hot pursuit of certain people including leaders and I want to assure the country on this particular score we are going to act very decisively and we will make sure that those who are involved in that are facilitated to meet with the law.”  said CS Matiang’i “We will remain in that part of the country and we will remain in that operation until we have collected every one of those people who murdered our police officers.”

The Rift Valley Regional Commissioner, George Natembeya, speaking to Citizen Tv on Monday said, “The government is prepared to end lawlessness in Kapedo.” Kapendo is currently under partial lockdown as the government is restricting the movement of people. The Rift Valley Regional Commissioner stated that “Kapedo is an active compact zone with ammunitions flying all over the place so you go there at your own risk. So those who are daredevils and want to go there they are welcome.”

Disclaimer: Kapedo is a trading centre located in Turkana East sub-county of Turkana county. It is headed by a chief assisted by a village administrator recruited by the county government of Turkana.  It is approximately 4 hours from Nakuru town. Though with insufficient modern infrastructures for a town, Kapedo has a lot to offer from its hills which are a sight to behold, to its hot springs which are a few meters from the shopping centre is a good place for relaxation. Kapedo also has natural resources, several geological tests have been conducted where the mineral deposit has been discovered as well as Geothermal power.

If all these resources can be utilized well Kapedo can be the heart of Turkana County.

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