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By Samuel Owino


The ICT and Digital Economy CS has confirmed cyber attacks on government services platforms on 27 July 2023.

CS Eliud Owalo on Thursday, confirmed that there was a cyber attacks on the government’s e-citizen platform. The CS however insisted that there was no data lost.

“They tried jamming the system by making more than ordinary requests into the system… no data has been accessed, no data has been lost.” Owalo said.

Kenyan citizens have been complaining for the past four days of their inability to access government services through the portal.

The CS speaking on SpiceFM, assured Kenyans that there is no need to panic as they had been anticipating such attacks and the government has adequate capacity to address cyber insecurity. He also said that the portal should be back to normal by the end of the day.

On social media, a hacktivist group that goes by the name Anonymous Sudan took credit for the cyber attacks on the government platforms.

The group is not only responsible for the government websites attack, it has also hit banks, hospitals, Kenya’s telecom company, Safaricom, and universities such as The University of Nairobi.

The group said it attacked Kenya because Kenya released statements “doubting the sovereignty of Sudan.”

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