I Saw A World

(Photo Courtesy of Henry Center)


{By Abdul Shaban}


There blossom a flower of peace

Here falls a kingdom to pieces

A child doesn’t care to say please

Doctors leaves patients to bleed


In the sky appears the red moon

Everyone is not a friend but a goon

The birds changed their tune

It is getting darker in the noon


The earth beneath changed to a prison

Human shut thier memories in treason

Ain’t anyone caring for each other person

Fashion, just caring about compassion


Is it better when I say we lost?

Our personalities are just like a horse

Running a race and win the host

Little do we know we end up ghosts


We are like flowers we blossom today

When the sun rise we wilt in the day

There is no future no tomorrow

All will be buried in the rows


I woke up from my thoughts

Found myself with a flower in my right hand

Soil in my left hand and water in my mouth

I just want the flower of peace grow

I just saw the world this way



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