How To Write A Good Article

By Daniel Nyaga 


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Article writing is an art that not everyone can pull off. At the end of the day, people often write because they have to communicate or ensure that some things are put to paper. However, few individuals pay attention to the flow and flavor of a piece. 

Below are some tips on how to write a good article:

The Headline Should Be Attention-Grabbing 

Just like the title of a book, the headline of your article should stand out. The title of an article has the potential to make or break you. Therefore, as a writer, your title must be creative as it tells a lot and will dictate whether you shall get people to read and finish what you have written or not. Your headline should also guide your readers and give them a sense of wanting to go on and leave them anticipating for more.

Research On Your Topic 

If your writing is to be associated with credibility, you should have sources that can back what you are saying. Depending on what you are writing, the forms of research may vary. Some works will require in–depth research and there are others that you may require very little research. Always look for extra sources of information to add to the background knowledge that you possess. 

Be Succinct

No writer wants their readers thinking, “Gosh I have to read all of this?” a few sentences in the paragraph. If you can communicate in a few words do so. It is important to eliminate the unnecessary words from your writing to ensure your reader does not have to fight through jargon before getting to the core of the article or even halfway through. Being brief and to the point is helpful as your readers shall be encouraged to read your work. 

Proofread Your Work 

Proofreading your work goes beyond spotting the grammatical errors in a text. It also involves sentence structure and the words that are used to illustrate your message. Read through your work once you are done and the appropriate changes that are required. Can you use a different word in place of what you have used? Can you communicate your points in fewer words? Is the punctuation okay? These are some of the questions that you can ask yourself. 

Start with a Summary

Let your readers know what they are going to find in your article with the first two sentences or the first paragraph. This enables them to get the information faster since people are busy and some will not have time to go through the whole article.

Paint A Picture 

Lastly, creativity, consistency, and chronology are some of the characteristics of a fantastic article. Your choice of words, timing, and prioritization of your events will have a great impact on whether your reader will finish your article or they will get bored with the first paragraph. Creativity is an important aspect when it comes to article writing. Let your readers be able to go on an adventure as they read your article.

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