Hostel elections rescheduled to April 2

By Muhanguzi Tola

ECD Officials- Peter Sidika, Vice Chair Elizabeth Waudo and CEO Michael Mwanza.

The congress elections for hostel representatives have been rescheduled to April 2, to pave way for the schools’ congress elections which take place today.

Through a communication sent by Vice Chair Eizabeth Waudo to the respective aspirants, the electoral commission states that this will prevent students from getting registered twice- voting twice in the process.

“Residence will be on Friday to avoid people voting twice. For example, I’m in school of communication and I stay in DUPA, the link allows you to vote once and just for your school,” reads the message.

According to the message, only students registered in the on-campus hostels shall participate in these elections.

The message was not well received by some the aspirants, who have called out the commission for its incompetence in how it’s conducting the elections.

“They’re not competent because they sent this communication last night, yet we were prepared for the elections today…They had also informed us that we shall be voted for by residence assistants but have now changed this too,” decried Eunice Siameto, an aspirant for the position.

Involvement Newspaper has reached out to the commission, who have yet to respond to the allegations raised against it.

The other aspirants for the position include Juliet Muturi, John Mathu and Sharon Mwaura.

Elsewhere, the schools’ elections will proceed as planned, with results being expected to start flowing in later in the day. Students have been requested to activate their Emails for the purposes of accessing the voting link, with voting scheduled to run from 8:00AM till 9PM.

“Kindly note that with an inactive E-mail, you’ll not be able to access the link to vote. This is a matter of URGENCY for you to be able to practise your democratic right,” read a statement from the commission.


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