Glazers it is Time for a Divorce

By Samuel Migele

On November 21st 2022, the Glazer Family, the majority shareholders of Manchester United, announced that they have initiated a process to explore strategic alternatives for Manchester United and potentially bringing to an end their 17-years-long tenure. This earthquake announcement came as a big relief to the United fan-base around the globe, because this was an opportunity to finally part ways with the American based owners.

Typical of the glazers, always dragging out key conversations, it is now eight months since the club was put up for sale and no preferred bidder has been identified with four weeks remaining until the season opener. Majority expected the sale to go through by the beginning of the season, but that was over-ambitious, with the character and modus operandi of the glazer siblings obvious.

The two leading bidders, Qatar Sheikh Jassim Al Thani of Nine Two Foundation and British billionare Sir Jim Ratchcliffe of Ineos have had to make five and two bids respectively to tempt the glazers to cash in to no avail. The  glazers have opted to drag the process because they are looking at a ridiculous world record fee of six billion euros to give up the control of the club despite the club being valued at approximately four billion euros. The sale process, without employing any euphemism, has been a disgrace and an absolute joke!

Erik Ten Hag arrived at this club and found the streets of Carrington stinking mediocrity from top to bottom. United had just come out of one of our worst seasons in the history of this club. Straight from institutional success at Ajax, Ten Hag arrived early with Mitchel Van De Gag, on a mission to get back this United team to where it belongs, the top. In his first season, despite having a mediocre transfer window, dealing with the Ronaldo issue decisively, and suffering a thin squad due to injuries, Ten Hag has had a successful first season watch winning the Carabao Cup, finishing third on the domestic league log and securing champions league football and leading United to the FA cup final. Not only that but Ten Hag has set the standards for a Man United player and building a strong foundation for future success.

The best that this gaffer needs, to build on the success of the just concluded season, is new owners and subsequently new board and fresh faces down the hierarchy. United have had one of the most incompetent boards in English and European football that cannot offer any success to Ten Hag moving forward. They offered Phil Jones a new contract and they want the fanbase to take them seriously. New owners have got to come in immediately and hand Ten Hag the necessary tools to challenge for titles. The Qataris is the only bidder that can come in and offer immediate success. In spite of a crazy attempt by the glazers to stay around through Sir Jim Ratcliffe Majority stake offer, this fanbase must not lose sight that we have a mongrel ahead of us to skin to surrender for the prosperity of the club. Good people, the Qatari Ownership is the truth.

Through the Nine Two Foundation, Sheikh Jassim Al Thani has made a statement of intent to improve the squad, club’s infrastructure and paying the club’s accrued loans borrowed and milked by the glazers. There is no way as a fan base we are shredding Sheikh’s offer of wiping out the glazers from our vicinity as the Qataris are determined to get 100% full ownership of United. The glazers would have done a favor to the United fanbase for once in seventeen years of absolute pain if they cashed in to the Qataris and bounce because for us, it has been an abusive relationship that is crying for a gentlemen’s ending.

The American cricket lovers cannot continue to force this relationship. It is not gonna work and it has never worked Anyway. This fan base has turned wild to these owners who have been money mongering on the club’s coffers for years. We don’t have the energy of another season with the glazers. Finality is needed right now. Erik Ten hag is frustrated by the joke of process, the fans have had enough and the contempt by the Glazers in this sale process is infuriating, but the glazers don’t give a hoot until they squeeze the last drop out of this club. I’m sorry, they have no business here; they have to style up, divorce, cash in to the Qataris and consider having some good holiday.

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