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On Wednesday 24th July, Daystar University held a spotlight career fair at Valley Road Campus. The career fair focused on the film industry boasting a large number of professionals from the industry who were invited to talk to the great number of students who attended the fair.

The industry professionals who were invited to give a talk on the film industry are none other than Writer and Director Mona Ombogo, Award-Winning Executive producer Quincy Wandera, Actor and Director Mugambi Nthiga, Director Ezekiel Onyango and last but not least, Comedian, law consultant, and Singer June Gachui. The career fair was sponsored by trademarks like Aspire and Empire International and it focused on the theme of building brands.

Since these industry professionals are very familiar with the film industry, they have a huge understanding of different people’s capabilities in film. One of the speeches that stood out and resonated with the audience full of students was Ezekiel’s speech. He talked about how millennials are people who rely on technology and film plays a key role. He emphasized on how millennials have the most energy and they should use it in creating useful content.

These industry professionals also emphasized on utilizing our skills in the film digital space. June Gachui talked more about this, she added that in her role on the award-winning film ‘Nairobi Half-Life’, she used her skills intellectually and she goes on to encourage her audience to tell themselves they are great and they can accomplish anything they want. As a law consultant, June deals with copyright and trademarks. She went on to say “if you create your content you own it and if you are employed they own it. Therefore, be careful with whom you collaborate so that the beauty of the product comes out.”

To sum it all up, the career fair was quite educative and inspiring. The talk enabled the creatives in the room to open their mind further by creating not only great content but also revolutionizing the Kenyan film industry. It was truly an honor to have had the pleasure of listening to these great people as they shared their wisdom and experiences with the future of the Kenyan film industry.

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