From Falcons to Chipu: Meet the Daystarians Tearing it up at the International Stage

Geylord Ngasi, Eddy Wambugu and Mike Oduor are living the dream at the world rugby under 20 trophy tournament with the world’s best. The Daystar Falcons players have had the privilege to transition from university rugby to tearing it up at the international stage.

The trio’s journey has been nothing but incredible. Geylord Ngasi’s rugby journey began when he joined the Daystar Falcons just a year ago. He faced several challenges as a newcomer with limited prior training. However, his determination and perseverance led him to become a promising player on the team.

After hearing about the Daystar rugby trials, Geylord decided to give it a shot, and luck was on his side as he earned a scholarship with the school. As a rookie, he had to prove himself during the preseason training sessions. His hard work and dedication didn’t go unnoticed, and he gained recognition from the coach.

Despite falling ill during the first match of the season, Geylord’s debut came in the second match, and he continued to impress on the field. Adapting to the competitive environment of Athi River proved to be a challenge, but he pushed himself out of his comfort zone to excel.

Geylord’s ambition didn’t stop at the school level. With aspirations of playing for Chipu (the Kenya Under-20 national rugby team), he trained relentlessly, drawing from the experience of the training sessions before joining the Daystar Falcons. His efforts paid off, as he secured a spot on the national team, an achievement he never imagined possible.

Reflecting on his journey, Geylord humbly acknowledges the invaluable lessons learned both on and off the field. Playing against skilled opponents has taught him to seek guidance and learn from others, leading to personal growth and improvement in his game.

This kind of experience is what anyone playing rugby would wish for. It’s so humbling yet also a lesson. As you are in the game I mean you meet someone playing that same position as you and you are like this guy knows what he is doing. You reach out at the end of the game and you learn a few things from the opposition and yet from my own teammates who I’ve socialized with them and I’ve come to learn alot. When I started my rugby journey I would never have imagined that I would get to experience such

Michael Oduor is another exciting export for Daystar Falcons. He has played for Daystar Falcons for two seasons now. In those two years, one of rugby’s biggest young prospect has made tremendous progress. Oduor delved in to just how big a part Daystar Falcons played in preparing him to represent his country on the international stage.

Falcons imenisaidia juu, you know the coach anajua, your strength anakushow hapo hivo what you are capable of and if you execute it hio ndio kitu wa anangalia huku kwa national team.

Oduor made the switch from university rugby to national rugby. Many might fold under the pressure, but the young lad relishes the gusto of competing with the big boys. He compares his university rugby experience and that of the international stage and says it is indeed very different.

He shares how the pressure to perform when the cameras are on you and the nation is behind you was a bit overwhelming at first. He however grew into it and he’s not looked back ever since. The young lad has had to hone his skills to be able to hold position number 2 for the Chipu. A position which he says is not short of it’s challenges.

Unajua mimi ni hooker, I play position number two and kama hooker, ball ikitoka, off the line I need to throw the ball back. Na kama kuna pressure mingi and I lose my concentration, hapo I end up ni methrow ball not straight and that’s a penalty against us.

Having made such a huge milestone and a big switch to national rugby, just what does the future hold for some of rugby’s biggest prospect? Well the young lads have set their sight on the Shujaa and hope to make the switch from U20 rugby.

It is incredible how greatness often emerges from such humble beginnings. Our rugby stars’ journey is just beginning. As they continue their rugby journey, Geylord Ngasi and Mike Oduor stands as a testament to the power of dedication and hard work.





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