First Money Scams in Kenya a.k.a “Wash Wash” in the rise among the youth

By Lewis Njeri


Wash wash as it is popularly known is the use of brain washing mainly related to money matters or has to involve the same. In Kenya this has been happening because the youth want to make quick money in an easier way. They mainly want to use shortcuts and not work hard for the money, most are blaming unemployment as the root cause of it.

The conmen are always smartly dressed in a nice suit and a pair of shoes but with no money and to make matters worse all those might be borrowed with the intend of creating a certain impression. They may look like they have made it in life. One is tempted to find out their secret to success giving them an opportunity to use their trickery on you.

The con will end up deceiving you to accept their offer. The game proceeds then you are told to buy some chemicals from abroad and some black notes which will eventually turn into real money; something which is false. Getting the chemicals and the fake money comes at a cost of ksh50,000 which tends to be a burden to whoever is being tricked into the same. Eventually the whole process does not work and one may get set up by the same guys getting into bigger trouble.

Other forms of wash wash include fake government tenders and gold scams. One may get some random advertisements on government tenders, decide to pay for one and get invited to some government office for the whole process to look serious. A bribe is offered in cash form cash  for the tender to be approved. It may as well be in the form of a gift that you should get from home. One agrees then the conmen tries to be nice saying they will come for it themselves from home.

The victim enjoys it since it appears like the conmen have saved transport costs. What they do next is to come with government vehicles and sometimes with police escorts. Afterwards, they recommend the victim to visit them after two weeks and unfortunately find they are nowhere to be found. The offended decides to get justice which they do not get.

Generally, that is how it works and this leads to depression or even suicide hence should forever be avoided. The gold scam on the other hand involves people buying imaginary gold which involves presidents who are in the same way conned into buying gold that does not exist. Surprisingly the culprits never get caught hence the continued rising of the practice.

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