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On March 6, the gazette notice no. 8002 of 2022 issued to Eric Mungai’s appointment to the National Environmental Management Authority {NEMA} board as the chairman was revoked.

Mungai, who is said to be the former president’s cousin, was yesterday officially relieved of his duties as the chairman after President William Ruto handed former Kenya Forest Service chief conservator Emilio Mugo a new lease of life after appointing him the new National Environment Management Authority board chairman.

Ruto in gazette notice No.2861 dated March 6, 2023, appointed Mugo who was hounded out of KFS helm in 2018 after a task force that had been formed to investigate illegal forest activities showed the harvesting of trees in plantation areas was riddled with corrupt practices.Mugo, however, successfully cleared his name after moving to court.

Emilio Mugo replaces Mungai as the new NEMA chairman for the next three years.Mungai served as the NEMA board chair for less than seven months before his three-year contract was terminated.

Mugo will now head the Nema board for a period of three years which took effect on March 10, 2023.



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