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The East Africa Spectre Limited company associated with the Raila Odinga family has been invaded and vandalized in the ongoing Azimio protests.

According to the Security and Safety Manager Humphrey Waswa, the company that leads and deals with gas cylinder manufacturing and distribution both locally and internationally, was vandalized by several outsiders who made their way into the company ferried by motorbikes. “In the morning a group of around 50 motorbikes attacked us. “Waswa stated.

Waswa insinuated that the attackers were being sponsored by some individuals seen with land cruisers. “There were people in three land cruiser’s who started surrounding this place in the morning. Some (of the cars) had number plates and others did not have number plates. They patrolled until 9am. At around 10am, I saw people on motorbikes approaching the company.” He said.

He noted that their target was the Managing Director since her office was largely invaded and pelted with stones thus causing more damage.

The invaders who were ferried by motorbikes with one motorbike accommodating an estimated three people damaged the building. “We were lucky that today we did not park our cars at the outside parking lot because the intruders majored in destroying the building.” He spoke.

At the time of the vandalization by unknown assailants with unknown motives, there were close to 100 workers but none was injured. “No one was injured, the only tampered areas were the window panes and the building itself.” He remarked.

Waswa said the company will issue updates later after investigations are done and concluded.

A similar occurrence took place today, March 27, 2023, where the Kenyatta family land, Northlands farm in Ruiru sub-county, was invaded by intruders who cut down trees using power saws, set the farm on fire and made away with an unknown number of goats and sheep.

The two affected owners, Raila and Uhuru are yet to react to the issue.

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