DUSA Secretary General Desmond Mwyne Voted out of DUSA

By Evelyne Syombua Kioko

The Daystar University Students Association(DUSA) Secretary General Desmond Mywne has been relieved of his duties as of today 24 October 2022.

The communication was made by the office of the Speaker of Congress Evans Owino. Having failed to adhere to the values expected from him as a student leader in Daystar University and the DUSA Congress voting against him, Desmond Mwyne was declared unfit to hold the S.G position.

The S.G had appeared before Congress for questioning on Tuesday 18 October regarding his alleged misconduct.  As detailed in the findings, the S.G had used his office in an abusive, vulgar, and demeaning manner in the Fun Day Whatsapp group forums.

The replies were directed to students who had asked for clarification regarding payment for the Fun Day event that was held on 15th October and some took to complaining regarding the S.G via email to the office of the Dean of Students.

One of the replies send read, ’’look kid if it feeds your emptiness go for it, if it makes you effective go for it, if it makes you irrelevant as you’ve always been GO FOR IT, if it makes you appreciated for go for it. You are who you are stop overselling you STUPIDITY here’’.

The S.G also posted on his WhatsApp status and went as far to disrespect the constitution, ‘’ Wacha waendelee ku qute constitution like mad men… the law my ass, chapters my foot…’’ this ended his whatsapp status in which he had said the next students’ fun day event would be held in Bali.

A student witness Ms Catherine Omondi who was a victim of the SG’s testified before the DUSA Congress.

This marks the Second DUSA Council Member to be voted against by the DUSA Congress after the former DUSA Council Treasure was impeached last year 14 October 2021 by DUSA Congress 2021/22.

The Electoral Commission of Daystar is hereby expected to conduct a by election according to the DUSA constitution.





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