Daystar University To Revert to the UMS System

By Evelyne Syombua


The University is set to temporarily move back to the UMS system on Monday 27 September.

The UMS system is scheduled to be opened for re-registration on Monday 27 midnight (1200hrs).

According to the internal memo sent to the students today 25 September, it has been a struggle for the university to settle in the new system.

“Before the new semester began, we rolled out a new ERP system as communicated. However, the new system has taken longer than expected to stabilize our operations, “stated the internal memo.

Students are required to re-register their units for the August semester once more in the old system. The time give for re-registration is one week that is till October 4.

This will ensure the school sorts out a few issues with the new system. “In a progress review meeting yesterday, the University management has taken a decision to temporarily revert to the old system (UMS) until we resolve a few outstanding issues with the new system,” states the internal memo.

The new system is scheduled to be blocked by the registrar on 27 September to give time for students to re-register on the old system.

Students are urged not to registered for new units but only re-register for the ones they had registered for. Those boarding in Athi River Campus will be required to re-register for their hostels and indicate if they swill be serving from the Cafeteria or not.

It has been a struggle to settle to this new system even four weeks into the semester.

The new students for August Semester will have to redo the processes required in order to have a portal in the UMS portal.

The elearning, classes and semester timetable will remain uninterrupted.

As the university prepares to revert to the UMS system, they ask for cooperation, patience and grace from students.

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