Daystar Student Mysteriously Goes Missing After Going Out for Food

By Sumaya Hussein

A student from Daystar University, Athi River, has been reported missing by the school’s administration after a two-week disappearance.

Paul Charles Agesa was last seen on the evening of Sunday, February 20, when he left to get food off-campus.

According to his roommate and friend, Agesa had spent the entire day indoors before leaving at around 7 pm with only his phone.

“After going to the gym, he showers then goes off campus because he’s the one who volunteers to get us supper,” he said.

Nebad Kisanya, Agesa’s father, said the last time they heard from the third-year ACS student was when he sent a birthday message to his father and sister in their WhatsApp family group.

“On Monday morning, I happened to call but I did not find him. His phone was off.” he said, “Usually when he’s in class, his phone goes off. But later in the evening, he calls back.” 

The school sent out an alert on February 27, urging the students for assistance in tracing Agesa’s whereabouts.

A photo of Paul Charles Egesa. Photo courtesy of his friend.

Speaking to NTV, Dean of Students, Rev. Mutinda Musyimi, disclosed that investigations within the campus were futile.

“The very first question we asked ourselves is who are his closest friends? Is it possible he went to see them? But we talked to those friends but none of them seems to know where he is,” said Rev Musyimi.

Police have begun an investigation and are looking into his call data as a primary lead. His Safaricom line could not be traced as of Thursday however, his Telkom line was tracked to Kibwezi, 168km away from the campus.

“We’ve sent a communication to all the students so that we can work together on this, but that has not yielded any fruit,” said Rev Musyimi.

Agesa’s family is calling on the Daystar Fraternity to assist in finding their son.


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