By Sophie Kinya 


The Daystar community is mourning the loss of yet another student who has tragically passed away in an apparent case of suicide, off Athi-River Campus, on Monday 10th, July.

Jeremy Don Njuguna, in 4th year, a student in the School of Communication, was discovered lifeless, hanging in the bathroom of his off-campus residence, his parents confirmed.

Concern arose when he failed to return home on Friday, July 7th, as planned. Throughout the entire weekend, his parents’ attempts to reach him were futile, which was uncharacteristic of Jeremy. Resultantly, they decided to search for him on Monday, July 10, 2023, at his off-campus hostel in Athi River, where they were confronted by this devastating scene.

This distressing news follows the recent loss of an international student to a gunshot in the vicinity of Portland in Athi River, last week.

Rev. Miano Weche, the college chaplain, has reached out to the students through an email, requesting prayers for the family during this difficult time. Further details regarding funeral arrangements are awaited from the family.


    1. Luqman Mohamed Maaliml

      Stress is for capable Men, Depression is for weak Men, Suicide is for coward Men.
      If I commit Suicide am a coward Man..Jesus he himself alipigwa mawe..and and underwent persecution..who are you that you think you need a perfect ordeal

      1. Sasha Silantoi

        Not that I am attacking you or whatsoever…but I want to first say that you have no etiquette on how to approach such a situation. The same way that you’ve brought out the thought of Jesus in this situation, which is great, but at the same time He is NOT JUDGEMENTAL! So such statements you should keep it as your personal thought of view.

        Second of all now the fact that this terrible tragedy has now faced us, we should bring more awareness about mental health; emphasize the importance of mental health and the need for support, understanding, and professional help. Encourage individuals to seek help when they are struggling and remind others to be supportive and non-judgmental towards those facing mental health challenges.

        With that being said, May his soul Rest in Peace.🕯️❤️

      2. Watch out! your ignorance about mental health is showing. This is not about you and who the hell are you to judge? It’s quite a shame that you use Jesus to justify your statements. If all you have are words full of ignorance I highly suggest that you keep them in your notes app or in that brain of yours and go read more on mental health! You know nothing about the guy so I suggest you focus on yourself going foward.

      3. SuicideStopsThePain

        Well, Jesus was the son of God. The rest of us are just kawaida raia. This is sentiment you’re sharing is outdated. Weakness is not a sin. Life is hard and when people make insensitive remarks such as yours, other people who are having a hard time will just retreat further into isolation and you know what follows? The same thing continues and we have more grieving friends and families. This is an opportunity for “strong” people such as yourself to extend a helping hand rather than to use your “strength” to bash others. Do the right thing.

      4. This is insensitive, kindly watch what you say. This young man probably encountered people like you and this is what led him to take such measures, it’s one thing to be a strong man and another to be insensitive. May God forgive you for throwing the first stone and being self righteous.

      5. Anthony Mwanga

        don’t gudge bro, just say he suicide was committed and that is the truth the rest is our decision and judgement because we don’t know what next

      6. sometime you should be careful with what you say not everything you here from people is true. They are jokes

  1. so sad to lose a young man of this age.
    May the Lord comfort the family at this hard time of grief and loss.

    To the chaplain… kindly take it upon yourself to organize for workshop where our young people in campus would be engaged ,including sermons to minister to our young heart is so saddened by the ordeal.
    To all students…be courageous to tackle life challenges,pray,share with your parents, pastor or a good friend about your fears or anything else… suicide is a crime.
    poleni sana @Daystar

  2. Lauryn Kikumu

    This is so sad…..I’m deeply saddened and I cannot imagine what level of distress will lead someone to unalive themselves in this way..May God Comfort His Family and Friends and the Daystar Family in general.May God give his family strength in these tough times.Prayers

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