Daystar Launches Sexual Harassment Policy

By: Sumaya Hussein (

Thumbnail photo courtesy of Daystar University

Daystar University launched a sexual harassment policy that applies to all members of the institution during the February 11 chapel service at the Nairobi campus.

Spearheaded by the Human Resource Department, the purpose of the policy, is to create a safe working and learning environment in the institution and allow ease of reporting mechanisms.
“We want to ensure the environment where the students are studying is safe and secure, and so we came up with that policy”, said Human Resource Manager, Pius Muia.

DVC-ARSA Prof. Faith Nguru and Human Resource Manager Pius Muia present the Sexual Harassment Policy to Head of Youth and Mainstreaming, Ministry of Education Mr Stephen Jalenga. Photo courtesy of Daystar University.

The policy contains procedures of how students and staff can make complaints, guidelines for carrying out follow up investigations as well as information on how to handle emergency situations. According to Legal Manager, Mueni Nyobaki, the policy will also serve to create awareness around sexual harassment and promote a culture of good conduct. “The policy promotes training and education at all levels, so when we invite you for sexual harassment policy training, don’t be shy, please come”, said Nyokabi.

Legal Manager, Mueni Nyokabi during her presentation on the Sexual Harassment Policy. Photo courtesy of Daystar University.

In attendance was Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academics, Research and Student Affairs, Prof. Faith Nguru, Head of Youth and Gender Mainstreaming Ministry of Education, Mr Stephen Jalenga, members of the faculty, students and staff. “Anyone can be affected by sexual harassment. More ladies are affected than men, therefore, we need concerted efforts to combat the vice…” said Mr Jalenga.

DVC-ARSA Prof. Nguru mentioned that sexual harassment cases are common and Daystar itself has had such cases brought to the University’s disciplinary committee. “Not even too long ago, we had an issue last week of this nature, so this is not something that is far removed from Daystar and even the other universities”, said Prof. Nguru.

The sexual harassment policy has been in Daystar since 2013, however, in 2017 during the student’s unrest, matters of sexual harassment came up and therefore there was a need to revise the policy.

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