Daystar Falcons Narrowly edge Daystar City in Derby

The two campuses of Daystar University faced off on October 1st, at Thika Grounds in a highly anticipated derby encounter.

Daystar Falcons; Athi River’s team, got the best of Daystar City; Nairobi’s team after a great contest but questionable refereeing.

Kimongi was the player on fire. He let loose a rocket from a rebounded shot late into the first half. He later on came close but was denied a brace. Kelly later got one back for the Nairobi team but it might have been a little too late.

Both fans were visibly uncomfortable with several decisions made by the referee. The crowd voiced their frustrations but they fell on deaf ears. Despited the heated game there was sign of indiscipline and no red cards were awarded.

Some key players that usually make a difference had to sit this one out as Daystar City new head coach made bold changes.

The game ended 2-1, a triumphant win for Athi Rivers team and a deflating loss for Daystar City FC.

Other than the scorching 1 pm sun and the lack of shade and adequate benches for the fans, it was an interesting derby encounter that delighted the fans.


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