Daystar 2023 Fun Day; Yay or nay


By Shirlene Omondi



The highly anticipated fun day had finally arrived, and the enthusiasm among Daystar students was palpable. This annual event provides a platform for students to come together, socialize, and have a great time. Much like the previous year, it was hosted at Paradise Gardens along Kiambu Road, with Newton Kamuyu, the Secretary General, taking the lead in organizing.

The event was graced by popular artists, such as Ethan Muziki, whose performance won over the hearts of many, and the beloved Kenyan Gengetone music group, Buruklyn Boys, who concluded the festivities with an unforgettable performance. There was also alot of fun activities such as horse riding and bouncing Castle, among others.

However, the day was not without its issues, particularly for students transiting from the  Athi River Campus. They were unexpectedly required to pay for transportation, contrary to prior promises, which understandably caused disappointment and frustration. Students had been informed earlier that transportation to and from the venue would be provided free of charge.

Another concern was the absence of food provided by the organizers during the event, which was contrary to students’ expectations. Traditionally, students have been provided with food, in addition to the option of purchasing from vendors offering various food items and snacks. Despite vendors being present, the high food prices left some students hungry or with unsatisfactory snacks, diminishing their ability to fully enjoy the day of dancing and singing.

This unfortunate situation stemmed from the assumption that students were not required to pay for this event, unlike previous years when a Ksh 200 entry fee was standard. These issues led to a series of questions among students, raising concerns particularly among those from Athi River Campus, who appeared to be the most affected. As it is known, majority of students from Athi Campus are government sponsored students who might be struggling financially especially with the hiking economy.

While many are inclined to hold the Secretary General accountable, the President also faced scrutiny. Some students claimed to have raised the issue with him, but his response was perceived as vague and unsatisfactory. The idea of students being charged for transport and also expected to pay for their own meals was distressing as they had to dig deeper into their pockets. The day concluded with a chaotic scene of students complaining about  the unexpected transportation charges and disputes over buses.

In light of these incidents,it is crucial for the organisers to address these concerns,ensure transparent communication,and uphold the welfare and satisfaction of all students attending such events.Despite its small hiccups,the event was successful and positive feedback was given by some students.


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  1. Honestly,this was the worst fun day ever.Poor planning and management.Their was no fun at all,and this only proved that the SG position is too much work for Newton

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