Cruel for Croatia as Italians Illuminated

Croatia just got brutally dumped out of the Euros tournament with a last-minute goal in the 8th minute of injury time (90min +8) from a wonderful finish by Mattias Zaccagni.

Croatia had initially taken the lead through their captain, Luka Modric, who, after a good save by the Italian keeper, Donnarumma, showed good poacher instincts by finishing off the rebound. Modric, who had earlier missed a chance to give Croatia the lead from the penalty spot, had taken the moment only minutes in a bid to make amends for his error and gift his country a place in the knockout stages. This probably being the Croat’s last tournament, it seemed written in the stars that he should receive such a fairytale moment as the dream lived on. The Italians, however, had other plans.

Just as the referee was pursing his lips to blow on the tip of the whistle, Italian Centre back Riccardo Calafiori picked the ball in his own half, and, as though fed up with his own team’s attackers’ constant failure to create chances, proceeded to carry it all the way into the Croatia penalty are. There, he laid it off to Zaccagni, who curled the ball expertly into the top corner to seal Italy’s spot in the knockout rounds and send Croatia packing.

Delight for the Italians meant Heartbreak for the Croats.

Elsewhere, an early goal by Ferran Torres was enough to secure victory for Spain as they maintained their perfect start to the Euros campaign, maintaining their top of the table status. They sail through to the knockout stages having won every single group game, scored 5 goals and conceded none.

I’m sure many people have them as their favourites.



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