Bluelock : Football, drama and lots of ego

By Ken Andrew

When Japan beat Germany in their opening game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the phrase ‘Project Bluelock’ was trending across multiple social media platforms. Those who sought to find its meaning came across an anime named Bluelock. The anime adaptation of the manga Bluelock started this year and it has already surpassed multiple expectations. Japan’s exploits at the World Cup were connected to the anime’s storyline by fans of the show.

Bluelock is an anime about football. The project Bluelock aims to find the best striker in Japan. Jinpachi Ego, the leader of the project cites lack of strikers with ego as the reason Japan never makes it past the round of 16 at world cups. The main focus is on building five, with five teams; V, W, X, Y and Z. Isagi Yoichi  is the protagonist in the story and he stars for Team Z in the first round. He stands out as a dangerous striker in building 5. Meguru Bachira, Rensuke Kunigami and Hyoma Chigiri also star in the first selection for team Z, each showing different strengths. In the end, after all teams faced each other, ego revealed that there are no other buildings.

Team Z players.

With multiple depictions of real life footballers, the anime tries to be as realistic as it can get.

The anime is currently on its eleventh episode, closing out the first arc. The second selection arc is almost kicking off and if you have read the manga, it gets tastier. Its audience has really grown following Japan’s world cup run.

Bluelock’s popularity is currently rivaling some big names such as One Piece and Bleach. With alot still to be revealed in the anime, Bluelock is looking like an all time great already !

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