[Photo courtesy of Fridah Anjili Instagram]


By Samuel Owino


Fridah Ongili, Babu Owino’s wife, pleads for the release of her husband who had been arrested by the DCI after his arrival from Mombasa at the airport on 19 July 2023.

The wife, in a video she posted on her Instagram, explained the occurrence of the night since her husband called her from the airport at around 11 pm saying he had been arrested. The wife went to the DCI headquarters and did not find him. She went around the city police stations trying to find him with no hope.

She later got word that her husband might be at Wanguru Police Station in Mwea. She says she believes that he might be there due to the heavy police presence. They have denied her a chance to see her husband even though she claims to only want to give him food and medicine.

‘there was a lady who took me aside, I went to the gate and was begging them that all I want is to give my husband food and medicine because he wasn’t feeling well on Monday when he left for the trip.”

She also pleads to the Azimio La Umoja team to help her free her husband whom he is affiliated. She says the husband has done nothing wrong that warrants his arrest.

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