Ang Flies, Mixed up Storylines, and Head-Scratching CGI: A Review of Netflix’s New Avatar Animated Series

By Joe Aura,

Look, it wasn’t as bad as you think, but Avatar fans have never really recovered from the Avatar movie made back in 2012. Here is what we had to say about the new Avatar animated series on Netflix.
When it was announced that Netflix would be bringing the Avatar universe back to life with a new animated series, fans of the original series were understandably excited. After all, the world of bending, intricate characters, and compelling storylines had left an indelible mark on viewers when it first aired. However, as the series premiered and episodes began to roll out, it became evident that this new iteration had its fair share of flaws.
One of the most glaring issues with the new Avatar animated series is the inconsistent storytelling. While the original series was known for its tightly woven plotlines and character development, this new series seems to suffer from a lack of direction. Plot points are introduced and then seemingly forgotten, leaving viewers scratching their heads and wondering where the story is headed.
Another aspect that has left fans disappointed is the subpar CGI animation. In a world where animated series like “The Legend of Korra” have set the bar high for animation quality, the CGI in this new Avatar series falls short. Characters move stiffly, and the overall aesthetic feels flat compared to the lush, vibrant world of the original series.
But perhaps the most divisive aspect of the new Avatar series is the character of Ang. While Ang was a beloved protagonist in the original series, this new iteration of the character feels like a pale imitation. His motivations are unclear, and his actions often feel out of character, leaving fans wondering what happened to the Ang they knew and loved.
Despite these flaws, it’s not all doom and gloom for the new Avatar animated series. There are still moments of brilliance scattered throughout, from breathtaking bending sequences to moments of genuine emotion between characters. And while it may not live up to the lofty expectations set by its predecessor, there’s still enough here to keep die-hard fans of the Avatar universe engaged.

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