By Lewis Njeri


Thumbnail Photo Courtesy of Seth Wambui 

Daystar University Student Association (DUSA) through the office of the Secretary-General
organized a fun day event held at Stedmark gardens and recreational center in Karen on
November 20.

The main purpose of the event was for the students to enjoy the day and relieve their minds
from their busy schedules that they normally have. “Today being a Saturday we have an event
for students to come and have fun, refresh their minds and be ready to do their course work when
they are fresh” said Caleb Paul Msando; DUSA’s Secretary-General.

The event was for the first time a blend of both campuses that is Valley Road and Athi River.
This was to help students from both campuses know each other and socialize hence creating
networks. In addition, this helped them unite and challenge each other to know their strengths
and weaknesses.

Collins Nyamburi a Biomedical student and a member of the fun day committee made sure travel
arrangements were in order and had the following to say “We thank God for today’s event as
everything went as planned. We expected 1,200 students. There were 5 buses from Athi River
campus and 2 buses from Nairobi campus and so everything went on as planned.”

In addition, he thanked all students who participated and encouraged those who did not to do so next time.
Students engaged in topspin, which was a machine equipped to rotate students at a fast speed up
and down amongst other activities such as rope pulling, swimming, chuchu and dragon trains
together with paddle boat rowing.

In the rope-pulling challenge, Athi emerged as the victors as a result of team work and determination. They challenged their counterparts to’ eat more ugali’ and come back prepared next year as they weren’t challenging enough.

By midday, everyone had arrived and was having fun with a slight downpour which forced
students to continue with the fun indoors especially swimming which was warmed up. “Planning
the event had been a bit hectic but we are glad the event successfully happened and we hope
better plans for the future fun day event,” said Joel the poet, a valley road student.

In yet another interview with the Sec-Gen, he added that students should all expect great plans
from DUSA and clearly indicated the following, “We have a big event in February come next
year, Student of Excellence Award (SOEA) and also have Mr. and Mrs. Daystar chosen”.

It was indeed a job well done and especially from everyone who participated in the event

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