By Daniel Nyaga


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There’s something about Antique shops that captivates me.

I guess it’s all the cool stuff they’ve got… Mostly carvings!!

As I was walking around, this map of Africa caught my eye

And I couldn’t help but think of our beautiful continent for a moment… I hope you enjoy the piece. 

Oh, my Africa!!!

How beautiful are you?

You are a blessed continent, curved out of glory.

The birds chirp each morning, singing a beautiful song

The lion roars deep in the wild, as the king of the jungle.

A land of milk and honey, where culture, heritage, and tradition are ever-flowing…

Oh, my Africa!!

You are a land of great heroes.

A land of constant opportunities.

Blessed with diversity in people…

When will you awake my dear Africa?

When, oh when will you stop subjecting us to these pains? 

Oh, my Africa!!

We are a free continent yet subjected ourselves to be slaves once more.

Constantly killing our brothers and sisters…

All for the name of power!

Oh, dear…

When will you realize that this is a train that won’t stop moving?

Why be distracted by irrelevant issues without seeing you’ve got passengers determined for the journey? 

Oh, my Africa!!!

You’re full of your splendor and beauty, yet this not what you portray outside.

You have become a den of hungry lions… Where the most powerful wants to enjoy the biggest chunk of the dead carcass on his own…

Stop being ignorant!!

You are the richest land for others, but hell for our mothers and children!! 

Oh, my Africa!!!

When will you stop harrowing in poverty?

You have an embarrassment of talent. 

You have all the arsenals to win this battle. However, you choose to walk around naked and not bothered by the shame and ridicule you bring.

You are blessed with natural resources, yet the financial benefit is claimed by outsiders. Your wildlife is breath-taking, yet you kill them in exchange for money…. When will you arise my dear?

Why eat alone when we can all share?

Wake up dear loved one!!!

Wake up!! 

Oh, my Africa!!!

In War or poverty, I love you.

With democracy or forced dictatorship, I still love you.

With all the hopelessness and negativity around, my love for you still remains.

I hope you will one day reciprocate my love to you.

That selfishness will not be what rules our continent…

That love for power and money will not be an issue…

I pray that Africa may once again redeem its glorious splendor, and be viewed for the beautiful continent it is…

Where growth, brotherhood, culture, and heritage are the order of the day

Oh, my Africa!!

I was born here…

I long for the day our beauty will be admired by all.

I long for the day you will be a pillar and example to the rest of the continents.

How long will it take?

However, like a bride who waits for her groom… So will I wait for you!

Oh, my Africa! 

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