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By Samuel Owino


Suits have been in existence since the 19th century and can be credited to Beau Brummell, a prototypical gent back then. Before Beau Brummell, suits were heavy influenced by the French court. He broke these rules of clothing by simply putting on a jacket, a pair of trousers and boots.

The name suits comes from the French word, “suivre” which means to follow. This could translate to, the jacket follows the trousers and the trousers follows the jacket.

I have observed that most students in Daystar do not know how to properly put on a suit and this reflects poorly on us. Here are some of the basic rules that should be followed when wearing a suit.

First of all, one has to know what type of suit he or she is wearing. There are two kinds, a single breasted suit and a double breasted suit.

For the single breasted suit, there are three kinds; one-buttoned suit, two-buttoned suit and three-buttoned suit.

  • The one-buttoned suit, one must always keep the button closed while standing.
  • For the two-buttoned suit, keep the top button closed and never close the bottom button.
  • For the three-buttoned suit, the top button is optional, the middle button must always be closed and never close the lower most button. The rules goes “Sometimes, always, and never.”

The double breasted suit may seem complex but pretty easy once you understand.

The double breasted suit has one simple rule: close all the working buttons but the lower one that seals it is optional, meaning you could decide to close it all, or leave one button open.

Now remember that whenever you sit down, it is advisable to unbutton your jacket. This makes one avoid ruining their suit and keeps it straight.

Never undo all the buttons of your jacket unless you are seated. It is just the way it cut and it is not meant to be open.

Now you know, so please Daystar students, let us change how we put on our suits when we are at events and especially the law students who put on suits on a regular.

These rules are important as they show sophistication and cuts a better silhouette.

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